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WHAT IS PIVX? | A Beginners Guide to this Blockchain Network – Bitzamp

PIVX an acronym for Private – Instant – Verified – Transaction(Tx) is an MIT licensed, open sourced, blockchain-based Proof of Stake cryptocurrency with advanced custom implementation of Zero knowledge proof Zerocoin protocol for industry-leading transaction privacy.

It is a transactional security and privacy driven decentralized cryptocurrency. It was originally created from a fork of DASH in February 2016, and was then called Darknet (DNET).

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PIVX is a cryptocurrency whose defining purpose is to provide users with a truly private means of expediently, securely, and stably transacting over the web. 

Here’s an introductory video

PIVX integrates features inspired by Bitcoin’s pioneering distributed ledger consensus technology; speed and governance accessions from Dash, such as InstantSend and the Masternode network; and features the addition of the anonymity protocol Zerocoin on transactions and staking. 

In the next slide of this guide, we’ll be discussing how this Network aims to accomplish its anonymity.

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